Hair Intensity Healthy Hair Vitamins


1 Month Supply of Hair Intensity Vitamins 


Carefully created to give you the most effective, natural and nourishing hair vitamins you could find. Our exclusive blend is filled with natural minerals, vitamins and herbs that work from within to help give you Fuller, Stronger, Longer, and Healthy Hair.  In addition to promoting Faster and Stronger Hair Growth, Hair Intensity also works at giving you beautiful skin. 


Our key ingredients promote the Healthy Hair & Skin you desire:

Vitamin A: Helps your hair produce natural elements that nourish and product your hair.

Vitamin C: Essential in creating collagen, which is an important part of the hair structure.

Niacin: Works at promoting healthy circulation to the scalp area.

Biotin: Promotes healthy stronger and thicker hair by increasing Keratin production.

Bamboo: Works at increasing hair strength and elasticity. Also helps improve the moisture and natural sheen of your hair.

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