February 10, 2019
Why You Shouldn't Wash Your Hair Daily

How often do you wash your hair? Perhaps shampooing every day during your shower has become the norm ever since you could remember. Or maybe, you’ve jumped on the “dry shampoo” bandwagon because it’s easier and hasn’t washed your hair in weeks. According to dermatologists, washing your hair too often isn’t necessarily a good thing. While everybody’s specific hair needs are unique, washing your hair on a daily basis tends to cause more harm than good. Everyone wants healthy and glossy hair, that’s why it’s important to get your washing routine down packed.

Here are the top reasons why you shouldn’t wash your hair daily:

Shampoos Are Just Too Harsh

Many professional hairstylists advise against washing daily because constant shampooing can be really damaging to the hair. A large majority of the shampoo products on the market contain sulfates, Parabens, sodium chloride. These ingredients are harsh and some can even be found in household cleaning products. For instance, Parabens is typically used to prevent the growth of bacteria. It also mimics the estrogen hormone which has been linked to the production of breast cancer cells. Sodium chloride can make the scalp dry and itchy eventually resulting in hair loss.

Frequent shampooing will completely strip your hair of essential nutrients and oils that it needs. Since these products are way too powerful it’s best to limit how often they are used.

Natural Condition

Consumers spend several hundreds of dollars each year on expensive conditioners. Yet, our hair contains natural oils that condition the hair better than a fifty dollar designer product. Have you ever wondered why your hair gets greasy? Well, glands in the skin produce what’s known as sebum which is also what provides moisture to the hair and keep it from drying out. Daily washes will wash away these natural oils.

Fades Color Rapidly

Love your new hair color or highlights? Frequent rinsing and shampooing color treated hair will result in the color fading rather quickly. The gorgeous hue will start to lose its vibrancy and highlights can turn brassy over time. When this happens you’ll have to spend more money on having your hair colored all over again.

Product Build Up

Daily washes may sound ideal for eliminating product build up but it can have the opposite effect. In fact, you’ll have to used styling products every day to help combat frizz, split ends due to drying out your hair from daily shampooing.

Daily Washing Is Expensive

Washing your hair day can be heavy on your pockets. These days many people are investing in more expensive conditioners and shampoos. During the winter months,  people purchase more of these products in hopes of revitalizing their hair which dries out n cold weather. Daily application means that you’ll be running through your favorite products in the blink of an eye.

It’s best to extend the amount of time between washes. If you are prone to really oily hair washing every other day or purchasing a quality dry shampoo can be helpful. Hair Intensity’s pills for stronger hair and hair growth oil can help strengthen your hair follicles.

Karina V