May 04, 2019
Why Won’t My Hair Grow

Have you tried nearly every hair growth remedy you’ve seen on a YouTube video to make your tresses grow to no avail? From hair product commercials to social media ads, long hair is constantly being glorified in the media. There are several factors that can determine whether your hair grows or not.  Check out these top reasons that can very well be why your hair isn’t growing:


Did you know that genetics are responsible for the color of your hair, length, and texture? We all have a hair growth cycle phase in which our hair experiences it’s maximum growth. This growth phase can last anywhere between two to six years depending on your genes. However, this doesn’t mean that your hair stops growing after this specific time period. Most people experience at least half of inch of hair growth a month. Some ethnicity such as Caucasian and Asian experience growth at a faster rate.

Over Processing

How often do you color or relax your hair a year?  Applying harsh chemicals to your hair can greatly impact the health of your tresses. Such chemicals strip your hair of its natural oils while synthetic dyes lift up the outer layer of the hair cuticle resulting in further damage to the strands of hair. On the contrary, a healthy hair cuticle is smooth and it lays flat. Over-processing causes the cuticles to become brittle, frizzy leading to breakage and split ends.

High-Stress Levels

Believe it or not, high-stress situations and even illnesses can trigger substantial hair loss or even prevent your hair from growing as it normally would. Stress pushes hair follicles into a resting phase. Most of the type of hair loss isn’t permanent and when stress levels return to normal hair growth continues as usual.

Vitamin Deficiencies

A healthy intake of nutrients is essential for bodily functions. A lack of vitamins has been linked to hair loss and decreased hair growth. It’s important to have the proper levels of  B12, zinc, ferritin to stimulate growth and have a desirable hair length. Sufficient iron, protein contributes to the strength of the strands. A lack of ferritin in the body forces your hair out of it’s growing phase and often leads to excessive shedding. Hair Intensity’s hair supplements can ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and long hair.

Switch Up Your Hair Care Routine

Perhaps it’s time to switch up your hair care routine for the better. Consider reducing how much you use heated styling tools. Flat ironing or blow drying your hair on a daily basis is bound to cause damage and affect the growth cycle.

Bertha B