June 03, 2019
What You Should Know About Hair Growth

Does it seem as if your hair takes forever to grow?     Whether you’re anxiously waiting for your locks to grow after a big chop or it seems as if your hair has been the same length for the past year waiting for your hair to grow can be frustrating. No doubting waiting for your hair to transform into Rapunzel length tresses can seem like a painstakingly slow process. However, there are some things you can do to naturally grow your hair.

How Fast Can You Expect Your Hair to Grow?

Everybody is different. That’s why it can be difficult to determine just how fast your hair may grow.  The average person experiences about a half of inch of growth over the course of a month. Yet, it’s not unusual for some people to see a centimeter or even a whole inch of new growth over the span of thirty days. What many people don’t know is that hair growth can be affected by a number of different factors including; genetics, diet, and stress. Hormonal fluctuations, the health of your scalp and health conditions can determine how fast your hair grows.

Can Certain Foods Stimulate Hair Growth?

Hair growth often starts from within. Yes, the foods you consume can help stimulate the growth and overall health of your hair. Your hair craves nutrients. That’s why having a well-balanced diet that’s full of nutritional value that will keep your insides healthy. You should consume foods that contain minerals and vitamins that promote hair growth and health. This includes; Vitamin C, biotin, iron, zinc, and niacin. If you desire longer hair you should consume foods like:






Sweet potatoes

How Does Your Scalp Contribute to Hair Growth?

The health of your scalp can greatly influence hair growth. When you think about it, the scalp is subject to a lot. That’s why it’s imperative to treat it with a little TLC. This can be done by keeping nice and healthy. Washing your hair regularly, steering clear of harsh styling products or abrasive chemical treatments. We rely on hot styling tools to keep tame our tresses but using them too closely to the scalp can be damaging.

Since hair growth is impacted by how we treat our bodies it’s essential to watch what you are consuming. Hair Intensity’s hair vitamins are packed with nutrients and minerals that are healthy for your body and will help you grow longer hair faster.

Bertha B