December 28, 2018
Tips On How To Stregthen Weak Hair

Weak hair can be a struggle, to watch your hair keep fall our is extremely frustrating. Weak hair is often thin, droopy, and falls out continuously. Other signs of weak hair include split end, excessive oiliness, sensitive scalp, receding hairline, and extreme dryness. It could be genetic or caused by hormonal imbalance or lack of essential nutrients and vitamins. Environmental factors can also contribute to the weakening of hair. The following tips can help you achieve strong hair and improve your current hair condition;

Eating Healthy

Eating healthy contributes a great deal to building healthy hair follicles and maintain healthy hair.  Diets rich in natural vitamins have been proven to strengthen the hair. Fruits and vegetable are hair strengthening foods that can give you the essential vitamins to maintain a healthy head of hair. Eating foods that are rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, protein, omega -3, and iron will also work at strengthening your hair from the root and throughout the hair shaft.

For example, Omega-3 is a healthy fat that helps to strengthen and give healthy moisture to your hair.  You can find Omega-3 food such as flax seeds, walnuts, salmon, kale, and tuna.  Since protein is the building block of mostly every cell in the body, eating healthy protein you could help reinforce your hair strength.

Hair Vitamins

Hair Vitamins are one of the best and the fastest way to strengthen weak hair. It can be a difficult to obtain the necessary vitamins needed for hair growth from your diet alone.  By incorporating healthy hair vitamins into your diet, you can obtain the essential vitamins needed to have a full head of healthy hair. The right Hair Supplements are rich in vitamins and minerals which also help promote strong and healthy hair growth.

Healthy routine

Maintaining a healthy clean scalp is also important. By having a clean scalp, you can also prevent clogged hair follicles or scalp buildup which could both contribute to hair loss, or unhealthy hair. A dirty scalp many times can give your hair a greasy and limp appearance.

Strong and healthy hair is what many people crave to have. These basic tips can help boost your hair and start you on your way to growing and maintain strong hair.

Liz C