March 19, 2019
Tips for Transitioning from Shampoo to _No Poo_


Have you decided to hop aboard the “no poo” train? This hair trend is becoming increasingly popular. Yes, reducing or eliminating shampoo from your hair care regimen offers several benefits. It allows for the retention of your hair natural oils, promotes a healthier scalp and greatly reduces the need for styling products. However, throwing away your shampoo products may be tougher than you think and is accompanied by challenges.


Yes, the no poo transition phase is very much real. During this time your locks are susceptible to becoming very greasy or oily. This can be a struggle because it makes styling your hair and making it look presentable a bit of a challenge. Like most of us if you have a busy schedule this can be a big inconvenience. Getting your scalp’s natural oil production under control is imperative for a successful no shampoo regimen. Therefore, Hair Intensity recommends these helpful tips:


Reduce Your Wash Times

How many times a week do you wash your hair? During the transitional phase, it’s important to avoid washing your hair daily and instead extend your wash days as much as possible. This a crucial step because your scalp needs to get the hint that it is well nourished and doesn’t have to produce an overload of sebum. Eventually, your scalp will adjust to the routine and skipping out on shampoo won’t make your tresses to oily.


Redirect Oils Away from the Scalp

Perhaps one of the most effective ways to manage the oils in your head is to redistribute the oils from your scalp. The best way to do is to use a wooden or boar bristle brush. These two types of brushes are naturally porous which mean they will soak up the oils in your hair making it easier to go between washes and eliminate shampoo from your hair care regimen. You’ll notice that your roots will be less oily and redistributing your natural oils will further hydrate your hair replacing your conditioner.


Experiment With Alternatives

Now is the best time to experiment with alternatives. Baking soda, vinegar are some natural alternatives to shampoo that are much gentler on your tresses and can still effectively clean your hair.


Pills for Stronger Hair

Of course, the ultimate goal is to achieve healthier and stronger tresses. Therefore, don’t forget to add Hair Intensity’s hair pills helps fortifies your tresses so that you grow healthy and long hair.

Karina V