December 29, 2018
The Damage Hair Dyes Can Cause

For many dying your hair monthly or once every couple of months is part of their regular hair routine..  While having your hair dyed can drastically improve the appearance of your hair, it sadly exposes your hair to harsh chemicals which can cause severe chemical damage not only to your hair but also to your scalp.

Hair Coloring can strip off your hair's naturally protective lipid layer. Your hair's lipid layer is responsible for hydration and protection. Once it is being stripped off by these damaging chemicals, your hair becomes prone to future damages. When the lipid layer is no longer intact, your hair becomes dry and may break off easily.

Hair dye consist of ingredients such as  Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide, and Sensitizers like Paraphenylenediamine, these type of chemicals can many times strip and alter the natural oils and nutrients that your hair needs to continue growing and remain healthy.

Hair dyes do not damage your hair alone. They go further to damage your scalp. When you frequently expose your hair and scalp to the chemicals in hair dyes, your scalp loses its essential and protective oils which makes it vulnerable to environmental damages and irritation.

Overexposure to hair dyes can strip away your hair's natural color which can cause your hair to become dry, brittle and break. Hair Coloring leads to increased hair porosity. When you expose your hair to dyes (especially bleaching), it becomes porous and prone to breakage. Applying dyes to your hair can strip away your hair's protein which is crucial to having healthy hair.

If you are on a journey to have a strong, healthy and lustrous hair, you should avoid over exposing your hair to chemical and hair harsh hair dyes. If your hair has already been chemically processed, or having your hair dyed is a regular part of your hair regime the use of Healthy Hair Vitamins, Hair Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are a great way to keep your hair from any additional damaged. Hair Vitamins can restore the oils, and nutrients that were stripped from your hair. Hair Growth Pills will be essential when you are trying to grow your hair out after having cause sever irreparable chemical damage to your hair.

Liz C