December 29, 2018
Signs you need to change your hair product

When you want to have great, hydrated and healthy hair, you need to be careful and sure enough that you are using the right products. From your shampoo to your conditioner, oil, hairspray and every other thing, you need to be selective and vigilant to be sure they are not damaging your hair.

Some products might be good initially, but long-term use may end up causing damage to your hair. If you begin to see negative changes with your hair, you may consider the need to change your products. The following signs can help you see the need to change your hair product;

Your hair is extremely dry

A good and effective hair product should not dry out your hair; instead, it should keep it moisturized. Pay attention to your hair texture, if you notice dryness or brittleness, you should consider eliminating or using the product less. Using deep conditioners or moisturizing hair mask is also a way to help repair or prevent dryness.

Your hair has become brittle and is breaking  

Brittle overly dry, damaged and hair with excessive breakage is usually a result of chemical damage.  When your hair has reached this stage of brittleness is a big red flag that your hair care routine needs to change, and most likely so will the products that you are using. Try switching to an intense hair repair conditioner that will help give your hair a deep conditioning each time you wash your hair. The right shampoo, and conditioner can be used to help correct some of the damage. Eliminating harsh hair products, and excessive chemical processing will be extremely important in repairing brittle hair.


Dandruff or white flakes is sometimes caused by sensitivity to some hair products.  Dandruff may also come out as result of product build-up on the scalp. When you begin to see white flakes on your hair or your scalp feels itchy, it’s a sign you may need to slow down on the use of your product or eliminate the product.  Most dandruff can be eliminated using a clarifying shampoo and avoid applying hair conditioner directly to the scalp may also help with dandruff.

Limp and dull hair

If you have noticed your hair is limp, dull, and dry it may be a sign that your hair and scalp are not getting the correct or enough nutrients. Just like every other part of our bodies our hair also needs enough water, nutrients and protein. Hair Intensity Hair Vitamins are a great and fast way to bring life to your limp, dull, and dry hair. Not only are Hair Intensity Vitamins for Hair Growth and help with Hair Loss they are filled with tons of nutrients such as Bamboo and Biotin which helps give your hair a ton of moisture and nutrients.

Liz C