May 30, 2019
Say Goodbye to Splits Ends

We all have a common enemy. When it comes to achieving, long, lustrous and healthy hair, split ends are almost always the “not so smooth” criminal that gets in the way of that. Split ends are damaged strands of hair that are the result of hair fibers fraying or splitting at the end of the hair. Depending on the individual, splitting can occur further up the hair shaft which can be dangerous to the health of your hair.  All hair types are susceptible to frayed ends and it can cause your locks to look dry, straggly and uneven. It’s time to do something about it.

The Only Way to Get Rid of Split Ends

There are literally hundreds of hair products that promise to repair split ends. While hydrating pomades,  smoothing gel, and gels can reduce the appearance of frayed ends the only way to get rid of them once they appear is to cut them off. Yes, the real cure to split ends is to trim them and work to prevent damaging ends from occurring. Once split ends are neatly cut off, you should work to keep them from cropping up again from cropping again and traveling up the hair shaft.

Good Hair Care Regimen

Whether you are fortunate enough to have resilient hair or not there are some things you can do to maintain the integrity of your locks. Since dryness and split ends go hand in hand, the key to preventing them is regularly hydrating your hair. Keeping your hair moisturized may require that you switch up your hair care regimen. Opting to go shampoo free on wash days is a surefire way to ensure that your hair’s natural oils aren’t eliminated from your hair. Sebum is the natural oil that our body produces to protect your hair and scalp. Hair Intensity’s hair growth oil is filled with essential oils that help stimulate growth and hydrate your hair at the same time.

Healthy hair is an inside out process.  In addition, to a good diet, drinking lots of water, taking hair vitamins can help you grow healthy hair. Hair Intensity’s hair vitamins contain important nutrients that will contribute to the health of your tresses.

Stop Damaging Your Hair

Split ends are a direct result of damage to your locks. Therefore, prevention is the best treatment. Whether it’s constantly using heated styling tools or applying chemical treatments to your tresses you will need to stop indulging in habits that cause damage to your hair.

Are you ready to say goodbye to split ends? Taking good care of your tresses and adopting a hair care regimen is crucial for healthy locks without frayed ends.

Bertha B