April 22, 2019
Myths and Facts About Hair Growth


How long have you been avoiding plucking greys from your hair to avoid them growing twice as much? Or perhaps you’ve been trimming your hair regularly for years so that your hair can grow faster. The truth is that there are all sorts of myths when it comes to hair growth and health. Just like you’ve had to learn that the tooth fairy and that Santa Claus isn’t real, it’s time to debunk some of the most common hair myths that we’ve been taught since childhood.


Hair Grows Faster in the Summer

Believe it or not, it turns out that the hair does indeed grow faster in the summer. According to the experts at the National Institute of Health seasonal changes can bring about hair growth. Compared to the winter months, your tresses can experience at least ten percent of growth. This is due to a natural hormonal shift or an increase in UV.


Frequent Trims Makes Your Hair Grow Longer

Perhaps the biggest myth of all time is that frequent trimming of your ends promotes fast hair growth.  It’s why we’ve endured those countless trips every six to eight weeks to get a trim. The truth is, that trim doesn’t actually make your hair grow. In fact, hair growth takes place from the follicles located at the scalp. It is true that regular trims will improve the look and feel of your hair. Removing split ends will prevent breakage.


Stress Makes Your Hair Fall Out

Stress has been connected to hair loss for ages but is it really true?  A significant amount of stress and anxiety forces hair follicles into a resting phase. High levels of stress and anxiety tell your hair to stop growing. In some individuals, it can result in conditions like alopecia.


The Right Products Will Make Your Hair Thicker

Americans spend millions of dollar each year on products that promise to grow they're hair thicker and longer. If you do a quick perusal of the hair aisle at your local drugstore you’ll find that there are literally hundreds of products. What really grows your hair is the nutrients that your body consumes. Rather than focusing on purchasing the right hair products, it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough protein, carb, and healthy fats. The right vitamins, zinc, and iron are also key to healthy and natural hair growth. Hair Intensity’s hair supplements are full of nutrients and vitamins that strengthen your hair for growth.

Karina V