March 27, 2019
Is Your Shampoo and Conditioner Destroying Your Hair


Is it wash day? Hair commercial often glorify shampoo and conditioning products as if they are the key to getting healthy and lustrous hair. In our quest for beautiful blow in the wind hair, we’re often willing to do anything.  However, it’s important to know that shampoo can be harmful to your tresses and conditioner when used in excess can have the opposite effect.


Is Shampoo Ruining Your Hair?

While shampoo is effective at removing build-up and clarifying the hair. Shampooing will eventually strip your hair of its natural oils which moisturizes your tresses. A lack of moisturizer will make your hair rough and frizzy.If your hair is dry or damaged shampooing too frequently will fade your hair color faster than normal.


Clarifying and volumizing shampoo are much harsher. Therefore it's important to take precautions when using these types of products. Using loads of shampoos won’t make shampoo products anymore effective.  If your shampoo is simply coating your strands rather than lathering this is a sign that it's not really cleaning your hair.


How Much Conditioner Is Too Much?

These days people are adopting a ”no shampoo” hair care regimen, throwing away they're shampoo products and using conditioner only instead. Conditioner nourishes the hair making it easy to manage and style. However, you’ll want to avoid applying too much condition. When applying it to your hair be sure to stick to the lower half of your strands unless your roots are dry. Use just enough to coat your hair.


A major mistake that women make when conditioning they're hair is leaving it in too long. Over conditioning will weigh your hair down and it doesn’t add further moisturization. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to leave your conditioner in between 3-8 minutes.


Deep conditioning can be beneficial for restoring damaged, bleached and color treated hair. Since deep conditioners are powerful doing one no more than once a week is sufficient. A leave-in conditioner is also great for adding an extra layer of hydration during the week.


What’s The Verdict?

Many experts recommend reducing or eliminating shampoo from your hair care regimen. On the order hand, conditioning products can be a lifesaver when used correctly. Implementing hair pills in your regimen can also be beneficial in strengthening your hair. Hair Intensity’s hair pills and hair growth oil supplies your tresses with nutrients which aid in healthy and fast hair growth.

Bertha B