April 22, 2019
How To Protect Your Hair This Summer


Summer is peeking around the corner. While we tend to give much attention to preparing for fun in the sun it’s just as important to make sure your hair is at its absolute best. For years, we’ve been told just how much the sun can affect our skin, However, have you thought about the damage that it does to your beautiful tresses? Constant exposure to the sun can damage both the scalp and your hair. Here’s what you need to know to preserve your hair from the humidity and heat.


Start With A Trim

Whether your locks are long or short, trimming the ends is necessary during the summer months because the hot weather can make them dry and brittle. A haircut or regular trims will keep your hair in optimal condition. Be sure to get a trim every 2-4 weeks.


Exercise Care for Color Treated Hair

Is your hair color treated? If so, you’ll want to take extra precaution when going on in the sun. Such chemical treatments don’t mix well with the sun rays. In fact, it can cause your hair color to fade and result in heat damage. Avoid exposing your hair to the sunlight by opting to wear hats or protective styling options.


Take Your Hair Vitamins

Did you take your vitamins today? Yes,  Hair Intensity’s hair vitamins are filled with so many nutrients such as vitamin C, D and E. Biotin and protein are other important nutrients that can be found in Hair Intensity supplements. Taking your supplements daily will reinforce the hair cuticles so that they can endure the summer's heat.


Pamper the Scalp

Don’t forget to nourish the scalp. A healthy scalp promotes hair growth. During the summer months its important to use a leave on treatment Be sure to apply the product to your scalp and the strands of your hair.


Reduce Shampoo Sessions

How often are you shampooing your hair?  Did you know that your hair naturally produces oils that can help protect against the sun. Shampooing your hair regularly strips such oils from your scalp and strands leaving it moistureless. During the summer months ,its best reduce your shampoo sessions. Dry shampoo can be helpful in preventing overwashing and extending the times between washes. Retaining moisture is also key to preventing frizz and flyaways.


Are you ready for beautiful hair this summer? A good hair care regimen that consists of hair pills and intensity rejuvenating hair oil can ensure that you have a lustrous mane.


Karina V