December 29, 2018
How To Get Fuller Hair

Every woman would want healthier, fuller, and bouncy full of life hair. Getting your hair to appear fuller and bouncer isn’t always easy depending on the type of hair that you have. If you have thin hair, or have damaged your hair over time it might be time to change up your hair routine in order to get the full head of hair that you are looking for.

Healthy Scalp leads to Healthy Full Hair

Have you taken a good look at your scalp lately? Make sure your scalp is clean, free of dandruff, excessive oil, or build up is great start towards getting fuller and luscious bouncy hair.  Keeping a healthy balance of natural oils and moisture on your scalp is key to keeping your hair from not looking greasy or limp. For those who have an excessive oily scalp make sure you have the proper hair products, avoid products that cause build up, and will make your hair appear even more oily or greasy.

Step up your game with the right shampoo and conditioner

Get a volumizing shampoo and conditioner; Some shampoos will weigh your hair down and make your hair appear oily and limp. There are several shampoos that are designed to give your hair volume, and that bouncy look. Opting for a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner can work wonders by increasing the volume of your hair. Using less conditioner or not leaving conditioner in your hair for long periods of time will also avoid weighing your hair down. 

Cut down the use of hot tools on your hair

We all love to use our flat irons and hair straighteners. However, consistent use can damage your hair and shatter your dream of getting fuller hair. Hot tools at high temperature can ruin the keratin and strip the moisture in your hair.  A hot temperature can damage your hair and make it thin, and cause hair breakage. To save yourself from the heartbreak of heat damage to your hair, simply cut down on the use of hot tools on your hair, this step will go a long way with having healthy fuller and bouncy hair.  

Hair vitamins are important

Your hair vitamins are the ultimate and simplest way to give you a full head of luscious bouncy full hair. Taking hair vitamins, brings the current nutrients from the root, throughout the shaft. Hair Intensity Healthy Hair Vitamins are designed to help with hair growth in both the volume of hair and the length. If you have noticed decrease in your hair volume or your hair falls out Hair Vitamins will help with eliminating excessive hair loss and help with hair regrowth which ultimately leads to a fuller head of hair.   

Liz C