June 17, 2019
How To Get Beautiful Hair Without Heated Styling Tools

Let’s be real, when the temperatures start soaring high, the last place you want to be is in your bathroom blow drying or flat ironing your hair. Summer’s hot enough already! Now is the time to take some of the heat of your tresses and implement styling techniques that not only take the heat off your hair but it will make you feel much cooler and lighter.

Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamins

Of course, if you want your hair to act right this summer you should be nourishing your tresses from the inside out. Feeding your hair with the nutrients it needs will give your tresses the perfect base for styling your hair. Hair Intensity hair vitamins are filled with a wide variety of vitamins that are essential for healthy hair growth such as Vitamin D, E, and biotin.

Dry Shampoo Is A Must

Dry shampoo will be your handy dandy tool this summer. This product is designed to reduce the oil in your hair and make it feel much cleaner. That means you’ll be able to extend your wash days so that you won’t have to worry about blow drying your hair every week.  Dry shampoo should be sprayed on your hair at least six inches away from the roots. The product should then be evenly blended and distributed.

Alternative Styling Tools

You can also give the heat a break by using alternative styling tools at night. For example, using hair rollers or flexi rods at night will give you fun and sexy curls in the morning time. This is a great way to give your hairstyle and body without having to take a flat iron or curling iron to your tresses. For beach waves, you should lightly spritz your hair with a salt-based spray and do small to medium size plaits in your hair. In the morning when you release your plaits you’ll have soft romantic waves.

Don’t Forget Your Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are trendy and you can use them to your advantage when you’re trying to limit how much heat you are putting on your tresses. Headbands are a simple solution for styling three bedhead or three-day old curls. Just add a bit of polish to them and you’re all set to go.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized

Of course, your hair won’t be beautiful if it’s dry. During the summer, be sure to keep your hair well moisturized. You can use Hair Intensity’s hair growth oil to restore moisture to brittle hair which will make your hair malleable for easy styling.

Liz C