June 11, 2019
How To Care For Your Hair While Wearing Extensions

Whether they are taped or sewn in, hair extensions have come to the rescue for several of our beauty dilemmas. There’s nothing more delightful than having long, full and luscious locks instantly. Hair extensions are often flexible and convenient enough for daily wear. However, it’s important to take good care of your natural tresses to maintain its health. Whether you choose to wear hair extensions on special occasions or every day here are some tips for taking care of your hair.

Regularly Moisturize and Condition

Of course, regularly moisturizing and conditioning your tresses is essential whether you are wearing extensions or not. Opt for deep conditioners with a thin consistency so that it can easily penetrate your scalp and strands. Using hair growth oil to hydrate and stimulate hair growth can also be beneficial.  

Nourish your hair with nutrients

You can keep your natural hair strong and healthy by making sure you have the right supplements. Hair Intensity’s hair pills are formulated with essential vitamins that feed your hair with important nutrients such as Biotin, vitamin C, and D. When you make taking your hair pills a part of your daily routine you’ll notice that it stimulates hair growth.

Properly Care for Scalp and Hair

Prior to installing extensions in your hair, it’s imperative to thoroughly prepare your scalp and tresses. You might start by taking breaks from dyes, relaxes and any other chemical treatments that can weaken the hair follicles causing breakage. Before extensions are added, your hair should be clean, well conditioned and free of dead skin cells. Failing to remove any impurities can lead to extreme dryness, itchiness, and flaking after the extensions have been installed into your head.

Washing Your Hair Between the Extensions

Washing your natural hair is vital even when you have a weave installed in your head. You can keep your extensions and your scalp clean by gently washing them. This ensures that both your extensions and your scalp are clean and free of product build-up.

Listen To Your Hairstylist

Of course, your natural hair doesn’t just stop growing and requiring care just because you’re wearing extensions.  Some individuals experience a lot of hair growth when extensions in their head. That’s why it’s important to listen to the advice that your stylist gives you especially when it comes to the timeline when they should be removed.


Bertha B