February 18, 2019
Feelilng Sexy With Short Hair Vs. Feeling Sexy With LongHair

Short hair or long hair, which one looks sexier? This is an age-old debate that never seems to get solved. Yet, many people think that men find women with long, lustrous locks more appealing and attractive as if it is the standard for feminity. This is far from true. Short hair can be bold, enlivening and it allows you to really show off the structure of your face.  How can you feel sexy with both long hair and short hair?

Feeling Beautiful With Long Hair

In our culture, long tresses have always been associated with femininity and being sexy. That’s why women spend thousands of dollars each year on expensive hair extensions. If you’ve been letting your tresses grow out for years then long hair can become boring. Here’s how you can feel sexy with your tresses.

Try A New Hairstyle

It’s easy to feel sexy with long hair because there are so many different styles that you can. Doing something as simple as making soft, big waves in your hair can boost your confidence.

Naughty curls are even sexier than waves. You can use a traditional curling iron or take it back with foam rollers. The great thing about having long hair is that you can easily manipulate it.

Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair is always sexy. Long hair can become easily damaged over time from styling and coloring. You can keep your tresses in optimal condition by adopting a hair care regimen. Hair Intensity’s pills for stronger hair can supply your hair with the nutrients it needs for healthy hair growth.

Feeling Sexy With Short Hair

Yes, feeling sexy with short hair requires confidence.  For years, women have been hiding behind they're long tresses. Cutting it off forces one to embrace they're a natural beauty and accept themselves for who they really are. Feeling sexy with short hair is completely different because it's about doing something different and truly embracing one’s self. Here’s why short hair sexy is much different:

It Shows Confidence

Cutting your hair may seem like a traumatic experience but when a woman takes that chance it is a major sign of confidence because you’re facing your fears head-on.

Accentuates Facial Features

The great thing about short hair is that it allows your true beauty to shine through. People will be able to notice facial features that had been hidden behind your long tresses for years.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Women with short hair stand out from the masses. Just think of all the short hair beauties like Halle Berry, Rihanna, Posh, and the list can go on and on.The great thing about rocking short hair is that you can always grow it back. From hair growth oils to better hair pills that promote hair growth can help speed along the process.

Yes, both long and sexy hair can be sensual and appealing.  Whether your tresses are long or short there a variety of alluring colors and hairstyles you can select to bring out your inner confidence.

Karina V