March 04, 2019
Does Hair Growth Supplements Work For Women Of All Ages?


Do you know that the average person loses approximately a hundred strands of hairs a day? Yet, as women age or undergo bodily changes this number can change significantly. In fact, by forty as much as 40% of women begin to experience hair loss and balding. Hormonal changes such as menopause or pregnancy can spur the growth of your natural hair or cause thinning depending on the individual.  No doubt, whether you’re fifty or twenty-five years old having healthy and long tresses is important. After all, beautiful hair can make a woman feel confident and ready to take over the world. That’s where hair intensity growth supplements come into place for stronger and healthier hair.


The best hair growth pills are ones that stimulates the hair follicles promoting hair growth as well as creating thick and voluminous hair. More important, how effective a hair supplement depends on a number of factors.


Does It Contain Essential Vitamins?

There are thousands of hair growth products on the market. All of which guarantees results. Supplements that contain vitamins and minerals such as Biotin, Niacin, Zinc, and Vitamin C. These minerals and vitamins are successful at treating a range of hair issues. Supplements containing these types of ingredients are beneficial. Most people don’t consume enough nutrients through eating alone to stimulate hair growth or impact the overall health of they're hair.


Biotin Is Powerful

Biotin is one of the most powerful B-vitamins that’s know stimulate hair growth better than another type of nutrient. Biotin improves the health, texture and even grows thicker. As a water-soluble vitamin, an individual will need to take a biotin supplement daily in order to reap its benefits.


As women age, hair loss and thinning become an issue. Hair regrowth also becomes a bit harder. The average lifespan of a single strand of hair is two to seven years. At the end of its lifespan, the hair falls out and is replaced with new hair during the growth cycle. However, aging can affect how fast the hair grows in some women. In addition, hair strands become smaller resulting in less pigment. The hair becomes dense and the scalp is more visible. Therefore, using a hair growth substance that contains Biotin. This B-vitamin produces glucose, converts protein into amino acids. It provides the support your hair needs.


Hair growth pills and hair growth oils can be beneficial for women all ages as long as they contain essential vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth health. Hair Intensity’s hair pills, when used with a hair growth oil, can create long and lustrous tresses.

Karina V