July 31, 2019
Can You Revive Damaged Curls

Have your curls gone missing? Whether you’ve dyed your hair one too many times or you’ve been straightening your hair too much curl hiatus can last for months. Depending on your texture your curls can also be greatly impacted by the products or techniques you use. According to experts, changes in your hormones typically changes the texture of your hair every five to seven years. Before you reach for the heavy spiking gel and invest a ton of money in new hair products trying to revive your curls, here are some simple ways you can revive damaged curls. 

Reduce Shampooing

As you know, curls love moisture. Regardless of whether you’re curls are very coiled or kinky shampooing your hair every day isn’t best for your curls. To ensure that your hair stays clean on your no-shampoo days an apple cider vinegar rinse can be effective. Apple cider is an all-natural ingredient that can thoroughly cleanse your tresses. 

Take A Long Break From Heat

When your curls are damaged, it’s very important to steer clear of the flat iron. If you’re once lustrous curls have become brittle, dry and loose, chances are they have been damaged from heat. If you really want to bring your curls back to life you’ll need to put down the blow dryer and other heated styling tools. 

Try A Protein Treatment

Did you know that protein is the main component in our hair? The protein in our hair follicles needs to be protected and maintained for optimal hair health. Protein rich hair care products and treatments should be a staple in your cabinet because it keeps your curls strong and full of life. These products help fill in the gaps that have been caused by damage. 

Cut Off Damaged Hair

Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to restore the natural look of your curls is to just cut off the damaged hair. In some instances, the dreaded “big chop” is necessary. Before you faint or let out a stream of profanity, know that hair grows back. In fact, your hair will grow back more quickly now that it's not weighed down with damaged follicles. Using Hair Intensity’s hair pills daily will further aid in fast hair growth. These hair supplements contain vitamins that the hair cells need to grow and make your locks healthy.

Can you revive damaged curls? Of course, you can.  Develop a healthy hair care regimen that works for you and your curls will spring to life.