July 31, 2019
Can Vitamins Grow Your Hair

Was your recent big chop more dramatic than you imagined?  Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to naturally thicken your thin locks. While having a healthy hair care regimen that involves making healthy lifestyle strategies you might want to consider investing in a hair vitamin supplements for optimal hair health and growth.

Why Hair Vitamins Are Important?

What does your hair care regimen entail?  Often, people don’t consider taking hair vitamins until their hair is hanging on for dear life. However, according to dermatologists vitamin supplements provides your hair follicles with essentials for healthy activity. This puts your locks in the best position possible to function properly.

Also, believe it or not, quality hair pills can make a noticeable difference. our hair follicles have the fastest dividing cells in our body. In addition, hair cells are typically the last to receive the nutrition that we feed the body. Taking a good hair supplement daily provides your body with extra nutrients that will benefit the hair follicle cells.

Ultimately, hair vitamins when taken consistently will definitely make your hair stronger and healthier. When your hair is healthy it will grow longer faster. While taking hair supplements aren’t a substitute for a healthy diet rich in nutrients it will improve hair quality. 

What Type of Vitamins. Is Good For Your Hair?

Many people opt for over the counter vitamins to grow their locks and to make it thicker. These supplements contain complex vitamins like iron, protein, and Vitamin D. Vitamin A, C and E are also essential for good hair health. Low levels of these important vitamins have been associated with thinning and hair loss.  If you decide to incorporate hair pills into your regimen it’s important to be mindful of the recommended daily allowance of each ingredient. Like with any supplement, taking too much can be harmful. An excess of these vitamins can have an adverse effect. 

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

So you’ve been taking hair vitamin supplements for the past few weeks and you’ve yet to see results.  If you give them a chance, hair supplements can live up to their claims but you shouldn’t expect a transformation overnight. Yes, it will take some time for the damage to be reversed and for your tresses to grow longer, thicker and healthier. In fact, according to dermatologists you should see the quality of your hair slowly but surely changing within two months.