February 22, 2019
7 ways you don't realize you are damaging your hair


In a perfect world, we’d all have bouncy luxurious hair like a shampoo commercial. Yet, the reality is that most women put their hair through the wringer every day. In some instances, your hair may appear to be healthy until you start experiencing breakage and you suddenly seems lacklustre. From styling with heating tools daily to chemical processing there are several ways you can be damaging your tresses.  Fortunately, you have the power to reverse hair damage. That’s why ‘s important to know how you may be damaging your tresses in the first place.

Here are seven ways you are damaging your hair and you don’t even know it:


  1. The Permanent Ponytail

     How often do you throw your hair in a ponytail? Yes, we love ponytails and buns because they are effortless styles. Wearing these types of styles too often causes tension that results in breakage and thin edges.


  1. Washing your hair every day

Many people make the mistake of washing their hair every morning in the shower. According to a professional stylist, hair should be washed as needed which should be every two to three days. Washing your hair frequently strips it of its natural protective oils making your hair dry and dull.


  1.  Never Using A Deep Conditioner

When’s the last time you deep conditioned your locks. Using a deep conditioner is a must if you have dry or color treated hair. Without it, you won't be giving your hair the nutrients it needs to protect itself against damage.


  1. Skipping the heat protectant

There’s not one stylist who wouldn’t admonish you to use a heat protectant when using heated styling tools. Regardless of how many times you take a flat iron or blow dryer to your tresses if you don’t use a heat protector there is an increased risk of damaging your hair.


  1. Avoiding Trims

As a general rule of thumb, your hair should be cut or trimmed every three months. If you’ve noticed that you ends have become split or brittle it's time to get them snipped as soon as possible or else the damage will travel up the shaft.


  1.  Too Many Straightening Treatments

Straightening treatments like relaxers and keratin treatments may see virtually harmless. However, when used frequently there this a greater chance of breakage and damage.


  1. Not Visiting A Professional Stylist

Do it yourself coloring and straightening jobs can damage your hair over time. Sometimes it’s worth it to book an appointment with a hair professional, or apply hair growth oil.


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Karina V