June 03, 2019
5 Things That Trigger Hair Loss

Hair loss can be a scary thing for women. After all, women associate they're tresses with femininity and beauty. Some hair loss is completely normal. For instance, we all shed hair on a daily basis. The average person loses about eighty strands a day. However, if you’ve noticed that your hair has begun shedding more than normal and it isn’t growing back you may have a problem on your hand.

If you’ve been losing hair it’s important to figure out exactly what is causing it. When it comes to hair loss there are several potential triggers. Check out these five most common potential hair loss trigger:

Iron Deficiency Anemia

A leading cause of hair loss in women is a result of an iron deficiency anemia. When an iron deficiency turns into full blow anemia it sends the body into survival mode causing your body to channel essential oxygen to normal bodily function such as what keeps the hair intact. In this case, you’ll want to change up your diet and make sure it includes a healthy and well-balanced diet.

  1.  Dramatic Weight Loss

Have you lost a substantial amount of weight? Losing a lot of weight can have a big impact on your tresses in the first 6-12 weeks. A fluctuation in the body mass index causes physical stress that tells the hair follicles they should move into an inactive stage. A lack of protein, iron and other nutrients can be responsible for hair loss inadequacies. Implementing Hair Intensity’s hair vitamin can help any vitamin deficiencies that can cause hair loss.

  1. Alopecia

Alopecia which can develop in otherwise healthy people due to genetics. Alopecia arrays cause round bald patches on the scalp. In this case, seeking out a dermatologist can help you figure out if you are suffering from a hereditary hair condition.

  1. Skin Condition that Affects the Scalp

Skin conditions of the scalp are more common than you think. An unhealthy scalp causes inflammation which makes it nearly impossible for hair to grow. Some skin conditions that result in hair loss are; psoriasis, fungal infections, and excessive dandruff.

  1.  Too Much Vitamin A

Consuming too much medication or vitamins that contain Vitamin A can trigger hair loss. The recommended daily dose of Vitamin A is 5,000 IU. Most supplements contain at least half of the recommended daily value. Fortunately, this type of hair loss is reversible.

Bertha B