July 19, 2019
5 Signs Your Hair Is Badly Damaged

Sometimes you don’t realize that you’ve been treating your hair like a science experiment until it becomes incredibly difficult to style. Each strand of hair has three layers; the cuticle, the cortex which is the middle layer, and the medulla which is the innermost layer.  The cuticle protects the hair and when this becomes damaged your hair can become lifeless. Staying aware of your locks overall health is important. Before you apply a new treatment, color or try a new style you should take stock of it’s condition. Knowing the signs of damage can help you make changes that will pay off in the end. 

1.Rough Texture

Perhaps the most easiest way to determine whether your hair is damaged is to analyze it’s texture. Try holding a handful of your hair upside down and run your fingers through it. If it’s sticking outward and the texture is rougher than normal then chances are your hair is damaged. 

  1. Split Ends

Split ends is a tell tale sign of hair damage. You can wrap small sections of hair around your tresses to see if uneven strands are sticking out. This is definitely an indication that you have split ends. Split ends can be dangerous to your hair’s health especially when it becomes to grow further up the strands.  In addition, when left untreated split ends can make your hair more dull, tangled and dry.

  1. Lack of moisture

Is your hair extremely dry even after you moisturize it with your favorite serum or oil? Healthy hair is supple and soft. Dry hair also has limited flexibility. If you pull your hair out and see how far it stretches before it snaps back into place. The less  give or stretch your has the more moisture is locked in. If your tresses has lost it’s natural shine and bounce than it has definitely sustained some damage.

4.Tangled Mess

There’s nothing worse than having a head full of tangles. In fact, hair knots can often result in you having to cut your hair. The underlying causes of tangled hair can be the result of a variety of factors including, heat, lack of moisture and not washing your hair properly.

  1. No Hair Care Routine

If you don’t have a hair care routine the likelihood of your hair becoming damaged at some point is high. A good hair care regimen ensures that your hair is properly maintained. A big part of any regimen should include feeding your hair nutrients with the Hair Intensity hair pills which are natural supplements designed with your hair’s health in mind.