March 25, 2019
4 Habits That Make Your Hair Unhealthy

Want long, lustrous and healthy hair? Did you know that you could potentially be ruining your chance of having healthy hair that is full and grows? Many people don’t understand that everyday activities can very well impact your tresses.


Check out these four habits that can be ruining the health of your locks:



We all know that smoking is particularly bad for our overall health but did you know that it's disastrous to your hair? Over time, cigarettes reduce the blood circulation to the scalp causing thinning. In addition, reduced blood flow also inhibits the growth of hair follicles. Smoking also accelerates hair loss, causes premature graying and can also cause damage to the follicles. Depending on how long the individual has been smoking, hair can recover from the damages that result from smoking.


  1.  Poor Diet

An unhealthy diet can affect the health of your hair. A deficient of essential vitamins and minerals can slow down hair growth and cause hair loss. Fatty acids such as omega-3 play a big role in the health of your tresses. Vitamins B12 and B6 are also important for hair growth and health. Junk food and restrictive crash diets can be harmful. Therefore you’ll want to embrace a healthy diet.


  1. Taking Hot Showers

We all enjoy a hot shower, especially after a long day’s work. The heat from the shower can strip away the natural oils in the hair making it dry and brittle. This can leave your tresses prone to breakage. Opt for lukewarm 15-20 min showers a few times a week rather than daily hot showers. Rinse with cold water to lock in the moisture. Avoid using a blow dryer and instead allow it to dry naturally or with a soft towel. This will help keep your hair shiny and looking healthy.


  1. Birth Control Pills

Did you know that taking the wrong oral contraceptives can affect your hair? Many women are susceptible to hair thinning and loss as a result of hormonal changes. Contraceptives that contain androgen can result in hair loss in women who are androgen sensitive. To save your strands consider switching to birth control that has a low androgen index. You can find out whether you have an androgen sensitivity by having your doctor perform a quick and simple cheek swab genetic test.


In addition, Making healthier choices in your daily life  and implementing Hair Intensity’s hair pills and hair growth oil can strengthen your hair follicles.

Karina V